In December 2015 Acmero Funds provided equity financing to Monopoly Group which operates more than 500 own trucks in Russia. The strategy of the group consists in exploring Smart Logistics model to achieve high efficiency of operations by leveraging its unique software platform developed in-house.

Monopoly Group was founded by two entrepreneurs in 2006 in St. Petersburg when the first 5 trucks were acquired. Today the group has a highly diversified client base in various sectors, including retail operators (Lenta, Magnit, X5, Auchan etc.) and perishable foods producers (Mars, Miratorg, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo etc.).

Acmero Funds acquired a 38% stake in Monopoly Group and financed its growth strategy in Russia to extend its fleet of trucks and enhance its software platform.

Siman Povarenkin and Vladimir Lykov are the board members of Monopoly Group.

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